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The project has been supported from the European Fund of Regional Development (EFRR)

Name and registered office of beneficiary:
PROUNION a.s., Piaristická 2, 949 01 Nitra

Project name:


Project implementation site:


Amount of provided irrecoverable financial contribution:

€ 163, 452.60

Project goal:

Goal of project "3D SOLUTIONS" refers to "Support of Creation and Expansion of Advanced Capacities for Development of Products and Services at company PROUNION, a.s."

Brief project description:

Subject of this project represents creation of a new 3D work station in one of the least developed Slovak regions, aimed at increasing the employment rate and offering new products and services. Creation of new services will be supported with purchase of required technology and software, development of special application software and marketing activities, for example scanning and implementation of 3D pictures in virtual reality, monitoring of the territory and premises through application of advanced visualization systems and its implementation in the virtual reality for reconfigurable services and applications of economic and social praxis. The new types of data visualization will provide interactive interfaces for data processing and their subsequent use, transmission to virtual reality and 3D printing.  

Project outcomes:

Product development and implementation of new services will be enabled through purchase of a special photographic and laser technique, computer technique, software and printer, in order to create a special 3D work station. Simultaneously, special application software will be developed by the selected supplier, which shall serve as a platform for e-shops that want to offer their products in virtual outlets. This will ensure innovation of production process and product itself. The following marketing activities will ensure promotion of offered 3D work station services.

PROUNION a.s. will create one job within the project.  

Information on the operation program Integrated  Infrastructure 2014-2020 can be found on

Further information can be also found on the following websites:

Call for presentation of offer  - Development of Application Software – Application of Virtual Reality Environment for E-shops and Product Presentation in Virtual Reality

It can be found here: 

Notification on the result of the order „Development of Application Software – Application of Virtual Reality Environment for E-shops and Product Presentation in Virtual Reality “ can be found here::/files/upload/3179086492182072_Oznamenie.pdf

Service Provision Contract:


Notification on the result of the order "Marketing Activities" can be found here:/files/upload/3205178168901510_Oznamenie.pdf